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    Every SpeedCam is an extremely clear, reliable and easy to use speed cameras detector, fully compatible with FoxyTag FIXED AND MOBILE SPEED CAMERAS DATABASE.

    After registering you will be able to participate by signaling new cameras or by confirming existing ones. You would create trust links with the other users and benefit from more reliable information. This collaborative model makes that FoxyTag is today the most complete and up to date speed camera database in the world.

    Of course, registering with is free. FoxyTag system works worldwide.

    You can use the program without registering with FoxyTag system, but in this case you will be connected in TEST mode logged to separate TEST Database. All your contributions will therefore be visible only by other users in TEST mode. But when the you send correct password, then you connect to the main Database.
    Also, you cannot add cameras in case your speed is less 20 kmh and GPS precision is lower then 35 meters. In that cases the "ADD/DEL" icon will be grayed out.

    Program downloads the speed cameras data according your moving path, so internet connection (3G or WiFi) is required.

    Please forward your requests or bug reports to

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