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    Vehicle tracking system or Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL) is an innovative technology that enables one to track or monitor the location of the vehicle in an instant time. The tracking system consists of GPS device that brings together GPS and GSM/GPRS technology using tracking software. The attached GPS unit in the vehicle sends periodic updates of its location to the route station through the server of the cellular network that can be displayed on a digital map. The location details are later transferred to users via GPRS, SMS, e-mail or other form of data transfers.

    1.Location Monitoring
    2.Back tracking the path taken for trips
    3.Monitoring the distance Travelled for trips
    4.Speed Monitoring
    5.Alerts on over speeding
    7.Duel sim card support
    8.Fuel level Monitoring
    9.Fuel Mileage Monitoring
    10.Detection of fuel pilferage
    11.Supports Duel Fuel Tank
    12.Two way communication
    13.RFID integration with vehicle tracking
    14.Speed limiting
    15.Remote immobilizing of vehicles in case of theft / over speeding
    16.Electronic sealing for Containers / Tankers

    1.Trip reports can be generated for each vehicle in the fleet.
    2.Parameters like driver information, cargo details etc. can be added to the already existing ones.
    3.Reports for travel, over speed, excessive stoppage time and idle time can be generated.
    4.Report for fuel consumption
    The following user-defined alerts can be configured in the software.

    1.Over speed Alert
    2.Geofence: 5 preferred and 5 restricted areas per vehicle.
    3.Destination Alert
    4.Move Alert

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