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    FlyBy E6B aviation calculator by SkyWriter Software:

    FlyBy E6B is an essential flight computer application for all pilots. Designed by a professional airline pilot it includes many features not found in other E6B programs.

    Always improving:
    FlyBy E6B was one of the very first applications of its kind published for the Palm OS. Used by thousands of pilots the world over, it has evolved from the suggestions and feedback we have received.

    FlyBy E6B Features:

    Airspeed Calculations:
    - True Airspeed using Calibrated Airspeed
    - True Airspeed using Mach#
    - Calibrated Airspeed using TAS
    - IAS Using MACH#
    - Equivalent Airspeed using CAS
    - Mach# Using TAS
    - Mach Crossover Altitude
    - Planned MACH#
    - Planned TAS

    Wind Calculation:
    - Find Wind Direction and Speed
    - Find Wind Component (headwind and crosswind)

    Heading and Ground Speed:
    - Find Heading, Ground Speed, ETE and Fuel Burned

    Compass Heading:
    - Find Compass Heading using True Heading, Magnetic Variation and Deviation

    - Find Estimated Time Enroute
    - Find Ground Speed
    - Find Distance
    - Find Fuel Time
    - Find Fuel Flow
    - Find Fuel Burned
    - Find Estimated Time of Arrival
    - Fixed GroundSpeed (Find required TAS given a Track, Groundspeed, and wind)

    Altitude Calculations:
    - Density Altitude
    - Pressure Altitude
    - True Altitude
    - Cold Temperature Approach Altitude Correction

    Vertical Navigation Calculations:
    - Distance and Time using Altitude Change, Ground Speed, Vertical Speed
    - Rate of Descent using Altitude Change, Ground Speed, Distance
    - Rate of Descent using Altitude Change, Ground Speed, Descent Angle
    - Feet/Nm using Vertical Speed, Ground Speed
    - Feet/Nm (%) using Gradient %, Ground Speed
    - Rate of Climb using Required Climb Gradient and Ground Speed
    - SCDA (Constant Descent Angle)
    - VDP (Visual Descent Point)
    - VPA (Vertical Path Angle) Deviation

    Navigation Calculations:
    - Critical Point
    - Point of No Return
    - Time to Minimum Descent Altitude
    - Navigation Track and Distance between two points with plotted map view
    - Rate One Turn
    - Radius of Turn
    - Turning Stall Speed
    - DME Arc

    - Distance:
    Nautical Miles/ Knots
    Statute Miles/ Mph
    Kilometers/ Kph

    - Volume:
    US Gallons
    Imperial Gallons

    - Temperature:

    - Weight:

    - Altimeter:
    Inches Hg

    - Fuel, Temperature Corrected, JetA, JetB, AvGas:
    US Gallons
    Imperial Gallons

    - QFE/QNH airfield altitude conversion

    - DMS/D-M.m/DM.m and D.d coordinate conversion

    - VNAV
    Gradient %
    Feet per NM

    - Relative Humidity, Heat Index, Cumulus cloud base, Wind Chill
    - NOAA METAR and TAF aviation weather access

    Other Functions:
    - Linear Interpolation
    - Minimum Floor Load Limit (Cargo)
    - Maximum Cargo Weight
    - Runway Slope
    - Sunrise/Sunset plus sun Azimuth and Elevation

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    Users comments for FlyBy E6B

    Terry O'Hanlon

    by Terry O'Hanlon

    Sep 01, 2015  |  "Good"

    All of the functions included work well. However it should have a weight and balance calculator since this is an essential element of any flight planning.

    conner smith

    by conner smith

    Aug 04, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Metar/taf now fixed

    Robin Naudé

    by Robin Naudé

    Dec 28, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Easy to use excellent app. Great for calc CANPA

    Bin Sufyan Mohammed

    by Bin Sufyan Mohammed

    Jul 24, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    its easy to use and all flight function whith discripe for eache one is availabel

    Casey Cowan

    by Casey Cowan

    Jun 24, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    Simple yet full of features.

    Dave Mackay

    by Dave Mackay

    Apr 04, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    A great little App which I have used for over 10 years. This Android version works just as well as the previous versions. Well worth the price.