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    Published: 2013-08-05, by .

    GAShare is a trip-cost calculator regarding gas/diesel consumption

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    Are you planning a trip with friends? You must know that splitting cost is always a cause of annoyance. However, thanks to smartphones, now we have apps that can help with getting away from that situations with flying colors. Specifically, when it comes to gas expenses, you can use GAShare to calculate how much the trip will cost and how much each passenger must pay.

    Thus, you only need to add the starting point and the destination, the car model, its consumption and the fuel type (gas/diesel), the number of passengers and the toll road cost. Then, tap "calculate" and it will automatically display the amount each passenger must pay for that trip.

    Obviously, those cars models and routes that you save can be also selected for future trips. What's more, GAShare is fully integrated with Google Maps which means that, if you don't know exactly the distance between two points, you can get directions from Google's mapping service and make the most of all its features (estimated fuel cost, alternative routes, etc.)

    Finally, users can customize the price of gasoline and diesel and change the system "liters and miles" to "gallons and miles".

    In brief, GAShare is a highly useful tool to calculate trip cost before even getting on your car. Input parameters, calculate trip cost and see if it's worth make that trip or keep looking for alternatives.

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    by Manu , Appszoom

    Aug 05, 2013


    GAShare is the essential application for those who drive. Manage your ride sharing, and never will doubt how much to charge each passenger.
    Do not have a car?
    Do not worry, with GAShare can also find people looking for passengers to travel distances more economically.

    * MANAGEMENT OF VEHICLES: Creates or removes vehicles, write down your consumption and if you use diesel fuel or gasoline.

    * TRAVEL MANAGEMENT: Creates or deletes routes, if you usually do the same route again and again just so you'll have to create a single time. If you do not know the distance, do not worry, Google Maps within the application itself, is responsible for calculating it for you.

    * MANAGEMENT OF PASSENGERS: Add to your friends or colleagues to record the paths shared with them.

    * SEARCH PATHS: Search paths to find people who want to share their car trips. If none found, create your own!

    * MENU:
    - Customize the price of gasoline and diesel
    - Change the system "liters and miles" to "gallons and miles"
    - Option to include or not the driver to perform calculations.

    (Ad free version)

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