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    A simple and easy to use odometer. GPS Odometer only does one thing, and does it well: measure distance travelled. Includes run in background capability. Ideal for almost anything that requires measuring outdoor distance travelled such as walking, running, driving, boating, hiking, and horseback riding. Please note that the home screen widget is for the full version only.

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    ***** Important! *****
    Common user mistakes:
    - Do not try to test the app by pacing around in the same small area.
    - Please note that GPS uses a lot of battery power.
    - Satellite based GPS location does not work well indoors. Many apps use network based location because it does work indoors, but it is not accurate enough for use with this app. If the location icon is not solid in your status bar, that means your PHONE can't acquire a satellite GPS fix in that area.

    - accurate to within 1 percent when compared to most car odometers under normal driving conditions.
    - includes a timer
    - includes pause / resume for each trip
    - includes a lock to help prevent accidental reset/stop/start of your trip. After unlocked, it locks back in 9 seconds, or you can lock it yourself.
    - includes displacement readout (straight line distance from your starting point)
    - average speed readout in meters per second, feet per second, yards per second, kilometres per hour, miles per hour, nautical miles per hour
    - actual speed readout (This may not be accurate at slow walking speeds)
    - units include meters, kilometres, yards, feet, miles and nautical miles
    - approximates distance travelled in some GPS dead spots such as driving through a tunnel by adding the as-a-bird flies distance to your trip.
    - resumes tracking after restart (You must now enable this feature in settings)
    - includes a custom calculator. Uses include taxi fare and energy burned while exercising

    What this app does NOT do:
    1) Does not record your route. Each trip has a start location, a last location, and a next-to-last location. No record of where you go is saved other than that. Only distance and time.
    2) No location information ever leaves your device.
    3) No maps. Only distance.">Youtube link

    The application is commonly used by/for :
    exercise (walking, jogging, running, hiking, skiing)
    taxi drivers
    truck drivers
    delivery drivers
    horseback riding

    mileage tracker

    Update history:

    December 4, 2013 : version 2.11
    Bug fix for Android 4.4 'Kit Kat'

    August 13, 2013 : version 2.10
    Fixed a bug that made renaming trips very frustrating.

    August 2, 2013 : version 2.07
    - Much more efficient and better on battery use
    - Larger text achieved by hiding some text. Press unlock on the main screen to change
    - Landscape mode
    - Home screen widget for the full version. (10 day trial)
    - Swipe between tabs
    - added instant speed.
    - Free version can have 3 trips
    - Run at Boot is now a setting that defaults to false

    August 10, 2013 : version 2.08
    - 2 bugs fixed
    - background service will restart after update now
    - disabled move to SD Card (Widget will not work if on SD)

    - 8/13/2013 version 2.09
    Added a custom multiplier. For example a trucker gets paid 40 cents per mile, a walker burns 60 cals per kilometre, a boat uses .05 litres of fuel per nautical mile (20 nm/l). This can be anything that you want, but you are limited to multiplication.

    To use, press the unlock button on the main screen and change to #3 and then visit the settings tab to enter your multiplier info.

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