Handsfree ETA Trial




    Handsfree ETA Trial automatically sends location updates, via text messages, calculating your estimated time of arrival (ETA) to a specified destination without the need for any direct interaction on your part. It's simple, safe and very easy to use.

    There has been a lot of press about a driver's texting causing accidents and even involving deaths. A recent case in Massachusetts saw an 18 year old man convicted of motor vehicle homicide and sentenced to prison for a term of up to four years. More and more states are passing laws that require hands free use of your mobile phone.

    The purpose of this application is to automatically send location updates to your family and/or friends while you are driving or riding a motorcycle via text messaging (SMS). It allows you to focus on the road and leave the notifying to us.

    The app has a number of options that a person can choose to control the frequency of the text updates. The text update includes the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Distance (DST) to the destination. The address that the driver, or rider, is at when the app sends the text is also included in the message.

    The trial version allows you to save two trip plans. You can save four marked locations. The other limitation is that you cannot include a personal message in the ETA updates in the trial version. The trial also has Ads while the paid version does not.

    Enjoy exploring the product's features and remember to always use it safely. If you love the product, as we do, please upgrade to the full, paid version and help support our efforts to develop quality apps for all Android mobile devices.