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HuInCam Blackbox Classic

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    HuInCam Blackbox Classic

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    HuInCam is a blackbox app for Vehicles. (Android 2.3 ~ 3.2)

    HuInCam is designed for recording driving-video or photos as well as storing information such as route, time, distance, location, address, speed, collision, etc.

    It can record video and location info in the background mode or in the hold mode.
    Also in the background mode you can save battery.

    When it will detect a mild impact or collision by traffic accident, it will start recording video. also simultaneously it can dial in an emergency contact which you have registered in advance.

    Moreover it can recognize user’s voice commands.
    By using speech recognition of it, you can dial in an emergency contact and can control basic functions. (For details, See “info - Speech Recognition”)

    It can restore and trace the past records (videos, photos and location info) efficiently.

    The main features :

    1. Media Recorder
    (1) Record Video
    - Video resolution setting support (Maximum 1280 X 720 supported, device-dependent)
    - Max recording time : Unlimited
    (2) Background recording mode supported. (Android 2.3 ~ 3.2)
    (3) Take pictures (photos)
    (4) External SD card supported

    2. Sensor
    (1) Detect traffic accident and dial in an Emergency Call. (or send SMS).
    (2) Automatic flash on for night time
    (3) Detect battery charging level
    (at low level of battery HuInCam stop recording automatically)
    (4) Detect network connection state

    3. Speech Recognition
    (Success : approximately 80%, Language supported : English / Korean)
    (1) Dial in an Emergency Call or Send SMS.
    (2) Start or stop video recording.
    (3) Switch screen between single and dual mode.
    (4) Other menu functions.

    4. Video Player
    (1) Play recorded video.
    (2) Video gallery (Play / Next / Prev)
    (3) Video file transfer
    (4) File generation
    - SRT file : video subtitle file. (It’s used in VLC Player or KMPlayer)
    - KML file (It's used in Google Earth)
    - CSV file (It’s used for chart in Google Drive or MS Excel)

    5. Photo Browser
    (1) Zoom in/out and Scroll mode supported (Double tap/Pinch zooming gesture support)
    (2) Photo gallery (View / Next / Prev)
    (3) Photo file transfer.

    6. Map
    (1) Display current location and driving-course (compass).
    (2) Restore driving-route and display other informations.
    (3) Seek recorded video or photo.
    (4) Send location info to SMS or E-mail.

    7. Multi-Screen
    - Switch screen between single and dual mode.

    8. File Management
    (1) File locking / unlocking mechanism. (If the file is locked, it will not be deleted.)
    (2) Automatic file deletion supported (Delete unnecessary video and photo files)
    - if the file is locked or recorded with accident info, it is excluded in automatic file deletion.
    (3) File memo supported.

    9. Setting

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