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    Lamborghini 1080p HD Wallpaper

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    Lamborghini 1080p HD Wallpaper is presented in full high definition with NO ads, icons or other junkware.

    This is the ultimate Lamborghini wallpaper, with over 50 images ranging from the past to the future. Designed specifically for vertical use, it will look great on any phone or tablet.

    Feruccio Lamborghini had a simple dream. Build a better sports car. Better, at least, than the Ferrari with a broken tractor clutch that he was currently cursing. If he intended for his company to become a marque of power, wealth, prestige, and outrageous style, he didn't mention it. But that's exactly what happened.

    While the ink was drying on the 350GT, he went to work on the groundbreaking Miura, a car many liken only to the fantastic Ferrari 250GTO. And before demand ran out, he was unveiling the car that defined sports cars for decades to come, the spectacular Countach.

    (True story: The App Monkey CEO was born on the same day - indeed, at the same TIME - that the Countach was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. He still hasn't driven one.)

    Through thick and thin, Lamborghini has somehow prevailed. Despite some truly awful cars (the Jalpa?) it has produced gems like the Diablo, Murcielago, Gallardo, Aventador and now the even more insanely precious and rare Veneno, Egoista and Sesto Elemente.

    Enjoy our wallpaper... and if you have a Countach you don't mind us driving, we'll fly anywhere. :)

    Please note: although there is a 'settings' button on this app, it was used for you to select your resolution. The app now defaults to your phone or tablet's resolution automatically, so the settings page is blank.

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    We figure that is the best way to protect copyright holders.

    However, we understand that mistakes can be made. In particular, someone may be redistributing a copyrighted work without the holder’s knowledge, and labeling it as free to use.

    However, if you find an image in one of our apps that you have a claim to or which you object to, PLEASE, get in touch and we will remove it immediately. The App Monkey is a copyright holder many times over and does not condone, or knowingly engage in, illegal usage of images.

    Our commitment here is very serious – it’s one of the reasons we build all of our apps using feeds rather than built-in images. We can be very responsive, very quickly. Even though we are in Sweden we're genuinely committed to copyright holders' rights, so please let us know if we are treading on private property!

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