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    Maps & GPS Navigation — OsmAnd's review

    Published: 2015-04-01, by .

    A really interesting app which lets you use maps at any given moment

    • Easy to use
    • Worldwide coverage
    • Needs a lot of storage space
    • The free version only gives you 10 downloads

    "Maps whenever you want them!"


    OsmAnd is the must-have app you need if you usually travel by car and use your phone to work our the best routes, and especially if you're traveling abroad and you turn on roaming to download maps a lot. With this app you can download the maps before you leave home and still get the instructions if you can't get access to a data connection or WiFi.


    Without a doubt, this is a very well-made app, because it includes worldwide maps too. You can easily find the right map through the filters, listed by continent. If you download at home, in the office or in a hotel, while on a WiFi network, you can use them without any issues when you go out onto the street. It is easy to use and you don't need any other files to be downloaded. You can also save your favorite sites and locate points of interest on the map.


    The free version is a bit limited if you're a heavy map user because it only give you 10 downloads. If you want to use more maps, you have to pay for the complete version. Remember that the maps need a lot of free space, but your SD card will come in handy for that.

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    by Cecília

    Apr 01, 2015


    OsmAnd is an offline navigation application with access to the free, worldwide, and high-quality offline maps.

    Enjoy voice and visual offline navigation, viewing points of interest, creating and managing GPX tracks, using contour lines visualization and altitude info (through plugin), a choice between car navigation, cycle navigation or directions in the pedestrian mode, OSM editing and much more. Just download your free maps an get the following:

    GPS navigation
    • You can choose between offline (no roaming charges when you are abroad) or online (faster) mode
    • Turn-by-turn voice guidance leads you along the way (recorded and synthesized voices)
    • Driving routes get rebuilt whenever you deviate from them
    • Lane guidance, street names, and estimated time of arrival will help along the way
    • To make your trip safer, day/night mode switches automatically
    • You can choose to show speed limits, and get reminders if you exceed it
    • You can searches destinations by address, by type (e.g.: parking, restaurant, hotel, gas station), or by geographical coordinates
    • Different modes for cycling routes
    • You can record your own or upload a GPX track and follow it using GPS navigation

    • Displays POIs (points of interest) around you
    • Offline search helps you find the places of interest by opening hours, payment method and other parameters
    • Adjusts the map to your direction of motion (or compass)
    • Share your location so that your friends can find you
    • Shows bicycle routes, hiking paths, and other types of roads
    • Allows you to choose how to display names on the map: in English, local, or phonetic spelling
    • Displays specialized online tiles, satellite view (from Bing), different overlays like touring/navigation GPX tracks and additional map layers
    Nautical Maps
    • Information about sea objects and a contour map of sea depth. Basically convenient sea maps you can use without the internet.

    OsmAnd ski maps plugin enables you to see ski tracks with the level of complexity and some additional information, like the location of lifts and other facilities.

    OpenStreetMap Data
    • High-quality information from the best collaborative projects of the world
    • OSM data available per country or region
    • Compact offline vector maps updated at least once a month
    • Choice between complete region data or just road network (Example: All of Japan is 700 MB or 200 MB for the road network only)

    • GPS navigation in cycling mode builds your route using cycling paths
    • You can see your speed and altitude
    • GPX recording option enables you to record your trip and share it
    • Via additional plugin you can enable displaying contour lines and hill-shading

    Walking, hiking, city tour
    • The map shows you walking and hiking paths
    • Public transport stops (bus, tram, train), including line names, help to navigate in a new city
    • GPS pedestrian navigation mode builds your route using walking paths
    • You can upload and follow a GPX route or record and share your own hiking routes

    Contribute to OSM
    • Report data bugs
    • Upload GPX tracks to OSM directly from the app
    • Add POIs and directly upload them to OSM (or later if offline)

    OsmAnd is open-source and actively being developed. Everyone can contribute to the application by reporting bugs, improving translations or coding new features. The project is in a lively state of continuous improvement by all these forms of developer and user interaction. The project progress also relies on financial contributions to fund coding and testing of new functionalities.

    Approximate map coverage and quality:
    • Western Europe: ****
    • Eastern Europe: ***
    • Russia: ***
    • North America: ***
    • South America: **
    • Asia: **
    • Japan & Korea: ***
    • Middle East: **
    • Africa: **
    • Antarctica: *

    Most countries around the globe are available for download!
    Get a reliable navigator in your country - be it France, Germany, Mexico, UK, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Russia, Brazil or any other.

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    Christy Simpson

    by Christy Simpson

    Oct 17, 2017  |  "Great"

    This is a good app in general, but there are a couple of frustrating behaviours. For example, double tapping to zoom moves that spot to the bottom of the screen. Why not leave it where it was? Also when I put in a search term and it indicates its position on the map, the indicator disappears as soon as I pan. I have to instead drop a marker on the spot I want.

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Oct 16, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Does not work in Las Vegas.

    mute xe

    by mute xe

    Oct 15, 2017  |  "Poor"

    I don't get it. It asked me to download a regional map of where I am, which I did, and then I was confronted with a grey screen. All the menus were there, but no map, regardless of what buttons I pressed or options I selected. Uninstalled immediately.

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Oct 14, 2017  |  "Awesome"


    saurabh Tembhurne

    by saurabh Tembhurne

    Oct 14, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    I loved the app much better than the Google maps

    R Fujita

    by R Fujita

    Oct 14, 2017  |  "Awesome"