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    Mini Cooper 1080p Wallpaper HD

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    The Mini Cooper is celebrated in this diverse collection of images in 1080p high definition.

    This Free Edition contains no push ads, no junkware and no spyware. If you like it, please consider upgrading to the full edition with over 50 images and NO ads, ever! Visit:

    The Mini Cooper... from practical transportation to cult car to worldwide phenomenon. It's one of the most versatile cars in history, perhaps one of the most improbably successes, and still the epitome of cool around the world.

    In this live wallpaper app we spotlight Minis from their humble beginnings in 1959 to their iconic status in the '60s, right through to their modern guise as sporty, affordable and devastatingly fun cars.

    Best of all, each photo is presented in FULL 1080p high-definition, suitable for everything from a small screen to a 10" tablet. One or two images are a little older and may appear slightly pixelated but we have done our best to restrict entrance to the very best images we could find. This app is designed for VERTICAL use, to include as many users as possible.

    And of course, no Mini app would be complete without one or two images from The Italian Job... would it? As well as a couple of rally images, to celebrate the Minis unique history in motor racing.

    Would Sir Alex Issigonis still be proud of the Mini? We suspect so. The original Mini sold over 1.5 million units in the UK alone, and the modern version - the MINI under the guidance of BMW - is continuing to increase sales at 20% or more each year in the USA. There appears to be no end in sight for this durable, endearing and - let's face it - just plain awesome little car.

    To advance the current wallpaper, double tap on the picture.

    Please note: although there is a 'settings' button on this app, it was used for you to select your resolution. The app now defaults to your phone or tablet's resolution automatically, so the settings page is blank.

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    We figure that is the best way to protect copyright holders.

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