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    Here's another reason why you must be a proud owner of Android. Undoubtedly, Androids are one of the greatest boons for today’s tech generation. When almost everything is done over these cool hand-held devices, how about maintaining a register to record your daily fuel consumption details? Thanks to My Vehicle Diary which allows you to effortlessly get your mileage checks done. It only requires a few minutes of yours at the pump while refilling fuel.
    This new fuel log application has been launched that will be exclusively supported by your Android. Tracking and logging your mileages, fuel consumption data and miscellaneous costs of other services for your vehicles can be done right in your hand-held device. The best reason why you should have this application in your Android is simply because it saves your money.
    My Vehicle Diary has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. The application features two sections – fuel log and service log. The former allows you to track of all your fuel related costs and the latter records other service charges such as parking costs, car parts, tires /oil changes, automobile taxes, insurance amounts, etc. All you need to do is simply enter a few details such as liters of fuel filled, the rate per liter the odometer reading. It is just takes few seconds and you are done. The automated calculators based upon the entries that you fed into the application will generate the mileage for your vehicle. However, the average mileage can only be estimated if the fuel tank is constantly full. This application also allows you to edit or remove the already existing records.
    As My Vehicle Diary also supports multiple vehicles, you will be able to maintain records of individual fuel expenses. This innovative system has place for any number of vehicles and supports any model available in the market. So, you do not have to maintain more than a single system for different vehicles. The best part is that the interface is non-cluttered and easy to manage.
    Save a considerable amount of money on your monthly fuel expenses. And who would not want to slash their fuel bills with the prices sky rocketing each day. My Vehicle Diary is easy to install and within minutes you can get started with it.
    What’s more attractive is that the system is absolutely free!. Download and have fun!

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