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    NAVIGON North America's review

    Published: 2014-08-25, by .

    Fully offline turn-by-turn navigational system, designed to be used in the car


    "For those who miss TomTom"

    Navigon is a turn-by-turn navigational system, similar to Google Maps. It's unique in that it's a "real" GPS app - instead of accessing the maps over 3G like Google Maps, you anticipate where you're going in advance and download the detailed map of that area. That way, even if you drop off the grid, the app keeps directing you like nothing's happened.

    The interface is solid, and the voice prompts are loud enough to be heard over mild car noise.

    However, I'd only recommend purchasing this rather expensive app if you plan on spending quite a lot of time driving somewhere with no signal. Getting access to live traffic updates isn't free (it's included in Google Maps, plus other comparable navigational systems), and you'll also have to pay to re-download maps when they're updated. Honestly, it's a decent enough navigational system, but the price of Navigon feels really out of line with where free technology is these days.

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    Aug 25, 2014


    Whether on holiday, taking a weekend trip or heading off somewhere as yet unfamiliar – with NAVIGON, you can be sure of getting there quickly and safely! Transform your Smartphone into a full-performance mobile navigation system that includes onboard maps so that you can always find your way – even when no internet connection(1) is available.

    Important: Following installation, the app needs further data (maps, etc.) which have to be loaded via WiFi (WLAN).

    *** Scope of function ***
    - Onboard map material: only save the road maps on your Smartphone that you really need. That way, you save on memory space and can navigate even when no internet connection is available.

    - Intelligent address entry, including voice entry(1): thanks to the first-class, simplified address entry, which can be operated using the keypad or via voice input, you can find your destination even more quickly.

    - Precise voice commands, including street names: so that you can concentrate on driving the car.

    - The latest traffic reports(1, 2): avoid annoying jams automatically.

    - Hazard warnings(1, 2): you can choose to receive alerts of danger spots such as mobile speed traps.

    - POI search: find your destination even without entering the address directly – locally, Community-based or using Augmented Reality.

    - Real signage and road sign displays: you always have an overview thanks to photo-realistic views of junctions and road signs.

    - Dynamic lane assistant: at junctions where the exit is unclear or on motorway exits, be guided into the right lane every time.

    - Speed assistant: NAVIGON warns you visually or audibly if you are exceeding the permitted speed limit.

    - Optimal route: choose the right option for you, from up to three suggested routes.

    - Route planning: plan longer trips with several destinations en route.

    - Expanded pedestrian navigation: navigate to your destination on foot too – or use Urban Guidance1,2 if you also want to include public transport.

    - Many other in-app purchases possible: NAVIGON cockpit, 3D maps showing mountains and valleys, and much more.

    *** Maps ***
    - Latest Map Guarantee for the latest HERE maps(3) (formerly Navteq), with the following coverage: USA, CAN and MEX

    - NAVIGON FreshMaps(2): For a one-off payment, you get the latest map updates from experts up to four times a year, for two years! It means that your app is always up-to-date, containing the latest changes to the road network and any amount of new points of interest.

    *** Please note the following ***
    The correct positioning of your Smartphone in the vehicle is important for optimum GPS reception. For that reason, we recommend the Garmin Smartphone Universal Mount with additional USB connection so that you can also charge your Smartphone during your trip. Continuous use of GPS can shorten battery life. Available in specialist stores or directly from the Garmin Shop at
    Please also note our FAQ area at
    This version of NAVIGON can require up to 2.8GB of free memory (depending on the number of maps you download). Due to the high data volume, we recommend using WiFi (WLAN). On first startup a short data connection (ca. 25kB) is mandatory to register your product

    NAVIGON wishes you a lot of fun from your navigation – whether in the car, on a bike or on foot!

    (1)To be able to provide you with the latest reports at all times, some functions require an internet connection (e.g. traffic reports or speed camera alerts). However, the navigation system itself, including address search, speed display, driving lane assistant and much more, does not require the internet.
    (2)Available as an additional in-app purchase.
    (3)You get the maps most up-to-date at the time you purchase the app

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    Users comments for NAVIGON North America

    Gizmos America

    by Gizmos America

    May 17, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Had this app (North America) for awhile on different phones but now it fails to start up.. keep getting "an error occured" on start screen.

    William Northup

    by William Northup

    May 16, 2017  |  "Great"

    The installation was a little challenging, but customer support worked diligently to get it right. I like the fact that this app will continue to navigate in areas where there is no cell coverage, making your phone into a stand alone device

    Victor Garza

    by Victor Garza

    Mar 17, 2017  |  "Poor"

    i wrote to this guys to tell them its not working good and wanted tk be refunded and they never reply back, its been moths..dont buy it, it sucks, get here we go maps its free and works perfect

    Michael Pfetsch

    by Michael Pfetsch

    Feb 11, 2017  |  "Great"

    Very useful offline GPS navigation system, essential when travelling places without cell service, such as rugged mountainous regions, national parks, rural areas, foreign countries, or open waters.

    Alvin Williams

    by Alvin Williams

    Dec 18, 2016  |  "OK"

    I paid full freight for this app because it is outstanding for iOS. However, it hasn't worked out well on Android. I purchased a new dual sim phone and find the app works when first installed. But if you go into airplane mode, then out or if you reboot, the app will say an error has occurred. Called support and was advised to update from lollipop 5.1. Wrong answer. Hope they can get it to work on a Chinese dual sim phone eventually. Update: Uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Discovered that after I reinstall and download a map over wireless, the app can be exit and restarted normally as long as wireless remains on. If wireless is turned off and then back on, the app will bomb. Hope this symptom report is helpful. Using Snopow M9-LTE.



    Oct 30, 2016  |  "Good"

    After update it become black screen and is not showing any map, Just black screen. Please fit it. I really like this app that I pay for it.