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    This page is OLD version of OBD Mileage.
    Please install NEW version.

    ***** Let's watch the gas mileage *****
    Your Android device becomes the "gas mileage meter" of your car. You can watch the gas mileage of your car in real time. Because you can watch the current gas mileage with a letter and a graph, your question to the gas mileage can dissolve. The gas mileage of your car improves if you get a way of the eco-driving.

    ***** Rich information *****
    The "OBD Mileage" can display 55 kinds of information. Each information displays it by a letter and a graph. You can change the information that is displayed on a screen freely. Furthermore, you can make an original gas mileage meter because you can specify the color of the letter and the color of the graph and a background image if you use the "Customization function". The driving of the car becomes more fun.
    ( The information that this application can display varies according to a car model. )

    ***** for the gas mileage delver *****
    The "OBD Mileage" displays glad information. It is the "counter of engine stop". It is the "time of engine stop". It is the "most fuel-efficient speed" and so on. Furthermore, the "OBD Mileage" can display a distance that a car ran in the state of an engine stop. In hybrid car, it is equal to the distance that a car ran by a motor only. ( except some hybrid cars )
    Research of the mileage becomes more fun.

    ***** Log data storage *****
    The "OBD Mileage" can record various data which acquired from a car in real time with SD card. You can choose the data to record the gas mileage information, the sensor information of the car, the GPS positional information, the G sensor information freely. You can make a graph by Excel. Let's analyze the eco-driving.
    To use the SD card, you must make some directory in SD card of your Android device.">Please see in datail here.

    ***** Alarm *****
    The alarm warn with a color and a sound. You can choose max three items from the following information. Speed, Engine RPM, Coolant temp., Throttle position. You can specify the alarm value freely.

    ***** Customization *****
    You can choose the unit of gas mileage(mpg,km/L,etc.), distance(mile,km), fuel(liter,gallon), etc....
    And you can customize this application by XML configuration file in the SD card. You can change 23 kinds of items like a background image and a color and a graph and more. You can change the alarm value and a color and a sound.

    ***** Screen-shot *****
    When you touch and hold a screen with a finger, the image file save the information that is displayed by a screen. The image file is stored to the SD card.

    ***** Easy installation *****
    To use the "OBD Mileage", you must buy the ELM327-based OBD Bluetooth device. And connect it to OBD2 connector in your car, and launch this application.

    ***** Super low price *****
    "The gas mileage meter of the car is expensive". The "OBD Mileage" realized super low price to break off such a trouble at a stretch. You can download this application free, and please pay fee in "item payment" when you want to use this application. If you buy the validity period "30 days", it is only some dollar. The "bulk buying" is more inexpensive.

    Please note.

    1. Some fee is necessary to use this application. The purchase menu is displayed, when the application communicated with your car successfully.

    2. To calculate the gas mileage correctly, you must drive your car about 200km. It is called "Adjustment driving". Please read the "Adjust mileage" menu in this application.

    3. The Bluetooth "Serial Port Profile(SPP)" is necessary to use this application on your Android device.

    4. The OBD2 Bluetooth device (ELM327-based) is necessary to use this application. Please buy it in yourself before you use this application.

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