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    Porsche 1080p Live Wallpaper +

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    This astounding 1080p Live Wallpaper features Porsche cars and SUV's through the ages, with an emphasis on the modern lineup. The Premium Version contains over 50 images, NO ads, NO junkware, NO spyware - nothing but fantastic HORIZONTAL images of Porsches.

    Porsche. It's the most successful racing manufacturer in history. The Luxury Institute names it the most prestigious automobile brand in the world. And it makes more money per car than Ferrari or Lamborghini.

    From humble beginnings in 1931, it has become the world's most popular performance car. This year, it celebrates 50 years of its Golden Child - the legendary 911, which every driving enthusiast must try at least once in his or her lifetime.

    In this stunning live wallpaper app, we bring together dozens of the world's top Porsches - from the graceful 356 to the outrageous new 918. You'll find everything from the Le Mans winning Porsche 917 Langheck to the modern Cayenne (and soon, pictures of the Macan). You'll find the Shark, the powerful 928 of the 80's, and the Panamera, the four-door Porsche that seems to be on every corner in Aspen. (Really, you should go see for yourself. It's weird.)

    In between, of course, are some of our favorite 911 versions, a 959 (sigh) and many more.

    THIS APP IS DEVELOPED FOR HORIZONTAL VIEWING! It will not look as good vertically - sorry, but we wanted to do justice to these beautiful Porsches. All pictures are at a minimum resolution of 1920x1080 pixels at 72dpi. Some - particularly those taken with film - may differ in quality, so please bear with us.

    Please note: although there is a 'settings' button on this app, it was used for you to select your resolution. The app now defaults to your phone or tablet's resolution automatically, so the settings page is blank.

    Copyright-holders. We strive to be a legitimate organization. We use Google as our search engine, and we search all images under the following parameters: Advanced Search, Usage Rights, Free To Use Or Share Even Commercially.

    We figure that is the best way to protect copyright holders.

    However, we understand that mistakes can be made. In particular, someone may be redistributing a copyrighted work without the holder’s knowledge, and labeling it as free to use.

    However, if you find an image in one of our apps that you have a claim to or which you object to, PLEASE, get in touch and we will remove it immediately. The App Monkey is a copyright holder many times over and does not condone, or knowingly engage in, illegal usage of images.

    Our commitment here is very serious – it’s one of the reasons we build all of our apps using feeds rather than built-in images. We can be very responsive, very quickly. Even though we are in Sweden we're genuinely committed to copyright holders' rights, so please let us know if we are treading on private property!

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