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    Alpha version 0.0.10
    Fixed Precision Circle to display correctly at different scales
    Added Done Button to Option Display (users were inadvertantly clicking the Exit Button
    Changed the Status and Nav Displays to white on Back for better Visibility, especially when Navigating
    Established that breadcrumbs work and 5 second interval is acceptable
    Added ZoomIn and ZoomOUT buttons at bottom right
    Removed cross hair, zoomslider and panarrows from map
    Added navigation Panel that display when in Navigation Mode. This will hold buttons like GOTO, Track On, etc in future releases
    Added Pop Up Information Windows that close automatically in three seconds. Used to display user notifications whee features not ready or special actions are required by the user
    Added Loading Indicator when Maps are loading
    Added functionality to check if a map did not load or finish loading and notify the user witha 2 second popup
    Changed Current Location marker from red Arrow to Motorcyce Icon

    Alpha Version 0.0.9
    Fixed bug that displayed wrong graphic on Breadcrumbs
    Adjusted breadcrumb track points to place every 5 Seconds
    Allowed 1000 trackpoints on map before clearing map (This is to save memory and system resources)
    Paramaterized Server Urls for future redundancy options
    Added a circle of Precision based on Horizontal Dilution of Precision returned by the GPS. Note this is not yet adjusted for the Map Zoom so circle may appear too large

    Alpha Version 0.0.8

    Added What's New Functionality on First Run or Version Upgrade
    Modified Menu Appearance to be more logical
    Numerous Internal Changes to make code more efficient and parameter driven
    Added following Modes:
    Pan (Default) - Map Browsing (Panning) Mode
    Nav - Navigation MOde that uses GPS to display your position
    Map - Map Creation and Modification Mode, where you can add and remove features on the map
    Plan - Route Planning Mode and Waypoint Additions
    (Note, functionality on these modes is currently very limited and will be expanded in future releases)
    Added red Arrow to indicate current position in Nav Mode
    Added Nav Display of Lat,Lon, Heading And HDop (Horizontal Dilution of Precision, basically, GPS POsition Error)
    Added Settings Button on Menu (This will work in future versions)
    Added Logic that allows GPS Functions to only be usable if GPS Installed or Turned On
    Added functionality to save battery power by not accessing GPS data when application is running in the background
    Fixed Bug in Zoom to Current Location, now supports "staged Zooms" keep tapping for additional zooms
    Added a Breadcrumb Functionality where a marker will be placed on your track. Markers will only be placed if you speed is greater than 1kph
    ie: you are moving. After 200 markers have been placed, map is cleared of markers to save memory. Markers should be placed every 15 seconds
    if you ae moving. This is UNTESTED as of this release and is designed to check the functionality. his feature will be enhanced in future releases.

    Alpha Version 0.0.6

    Menu at top right
    Application exit Functionality
    Geolocation Zoom to Current Location (Untested)
    Map now uses Server Caching to increase response speed

    Alpha Version 0.0.5

    Introduced Version Driven Release Notes
    Map Display works and Geolocation via GPS. Also will display Lat and Lon of a point on map

    NOTE: This Application REQUIRES ADOBE AIR to Run.
    If not installed already on your system, you will be prompted to install it automatically

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