Stories from the Road 4

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    Stories from the Road 4
    (A Narrative About Modern Automotive Diagnostics
    An Automotive Case Studies Series
    By Mandy Concepcion

    This book, "Stories from the Road - Automotive Case Studies 1" is a real work in action about the intricacies of modern automotive diagnostics. It is based on actual real life situations. From this book you may extract real-life lessons, which will help you as an automotive aficionado, DIY mechanic and professional technician. The work is divided into narrated stories representing real-life applications of diagnostic technology, equipment usage, repair techniques and knowledge based information. Here, you'll get input on how to use the automotive scan-tool, OBD-2 ECM/PCM readers, oscilloscope, graphing multi-meter, signal tone injector and many other diagnostic tools. You'll also get deep insights on testing all kinds of sensors and actuators, such as injectors, solenoids, transmission components, motors, fuel pumps, CAM and crank sensors, TPS, MAF, Knock and pretty much every component seen today. All the content is presented on a narrated, story like format to make the knowledge easy and fun to comprehend. With that in mind, enjoy your readings.

    Table of contents

    Stories from the Road 4 – Content
    * - Corvette with a U Problem
    Diagnostic case that cover the intricacies of networked diagnostics. Here's what happens when there's an issue with a multi-module Corvette computer system, which generates the venerable U type DTC or trouble codes.

    * - Ford's E150 Burning Down the House
    Get the diagnostic strategy employed with this Ford Van and a possible transmission issue. The case also goes into details on the use of multi-channel scopes to detect problems. After a tough diagnostic path the problem is finally found in the least expected place. See where.

    * - GM B2960 Antitheft Syndrome
    Learn from the diagnostic path this GMC Trailblazer took us on, especially during the detection process on an antitheft system and a no-start condition. Get tips and secrets on this GM system and see how to go about diagnosing it.

    * - GM Passlock Issue from Hell
    The "Security Light" is on. What do you do then? Here's what happened with a GMC Van and the Sec-light on with a no-start condition. Code P1632, an antitheft code was just the beginning. The diagnostic goes into PassLock calibration detection and lot of other diagnostic practices for this system.

    * - Great Diagnostic Waterfall
    That's right, a waterfall of procedures and equipment for this 2007 Jeep. See an arsenal of equipment used up during this erratic engine operation diagnostic. Multiple equipments were used to find out a waterfall chain of events that caused this strange issue.

    * - Headlight Transmission Shifter
    A very strange problem with a Ford Focus having a headlight transmission shifting issue, yeah that's right. Was this a crossed wire issue or was it the ECM seeing something strange. Here, you'll see heavy use of the oscilloscope and some fancy logic.

    * - Hello There GM Power Windows
    A difficult diagnostic issue on a GM power window system. The trouble was that this was no ordinary power window. It was a heavily computerized and networked power window system, like the ones found on all new models. See the how a manufacturer component option made this system fail.

    * - BONUS…How to Connect a Fuel Pump Relay
    Derived from our series “Automotive Relays Connection Guide”, this section is a primer on how the Fuel-Pump relay is wired. It serves as a guide and a possible way is repairing older vehicles, whom have lost their fuel delivery system. In many cases, the part is no longer available so here you’ll gain some knowledge on how to connect the fuel pump.

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