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    Traffic congestions are realities of urban environments. The road infrastructure capacities cannot cope with the rate of increase in the number of cars. This, coupled with traffic incidents, work zones, weather conditions, make traffic congestions a major concern for municipalities and research organizations. TrafficCollector (TC) is an Android application that gathers information about daily traffic. The idea is to collect data that can be used to construct a model of the traffic patterns. The model will be made publically available and will be used to make predictions about traffic, to construct next-generation smart navigator applications that might tell you to avoid a certain route because it's always congested at one particular time of the day. So why should you participate? As incentives, the Android application provides several advantages.
    TC lets you collect data about your own traffic patterns. This means that whenever you're in traffic and use this application, you log important information about your routes and driving style. This can be use only by you (we provide your own password-protected private account where you can interact with your own data, in the form of daily usage or driving statistics) to see where you've been, how many kilometres you've drove on a daily basis, or what was your average speed. You can use such data to understand your usual routes and maybe recognize a possible solution to avoid daily congestions (and minimize the time spent in traffic until you get to work, or even better - back from work).

    TC lets you share data with friends. Maybe you want to show to your close friends where you are in traffic (a.k.a., you can show to your boss you’re really stuck in traffic), in real-time. This is a solution designed to smooth the sharing of data among users, and TC promotes interactions between users. For now TC allows you to send a private URL to your friends, where they can see in real-time your current driving position. In the future we will provide your own private social network, where you can choose driving friends, see their current positions, or see who is around you in traffic.
    So, another incentive is that TC lets you see your surroundings. The application itself allows you to see where you are, and various statistics regarding your driving performance.

    So why don't you give it a try today and let us know your impression?

    The project is developed in a joint collaboration between University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest ( and Rutgers University (

    Disclaimer: Before downloading, you must read and agree with this disclaimer:
    The sole purpose of this software is to collect data about traffic. The identity and location of the users participating on this project will not be stored at the server, nor will it be used for any other commercial or non-commercial purpose (without explicit permission from the users participating in the experiment). It is the responsibility of the user to fully obey all the applicable laws, including those related to the driving and the use of mobile phones. By downloading this software, you agree to use it in only a lawful manner. Installing it on someone else’s phone without their knowledge is not permitted. Our team assumes no liability and it is not responsible for any misuse, damage or consequence of using this software.
    For more details please also check

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