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    ***** IMPORTANT: You can get Ultimate NextBus Tracker which serves "40" transit systems including San Fran MUNI, BART, LA Metro, and Toronto..... *****

    Tired of waiting for a bus that perhaps would never come?
    Need a smart assistant that alarms when your bus is expected to arrive at your designated stop in 4 minutes?
    Use several public transits on your frequent trips?

    All features you really need are in one place, right here! With our TTC Bus Tracker, your buses are in your hand! The screenshots will tell you everything described below.


    ✓ Transit system can be seamlessly interchangeable. Requires no refresh or reset at all.

    ✓ Get real-time bus arrival / departure predictions by any route, direction, stop name and stop ID within just 3 touches.

    ✓ Check all vehicles' current locations on your toute.

    ✓ Add a stop to your favorites, and even create a shortcut on your Home screen.

    ✓ Set an alarm so that it reminds you of the current location of the bus.

    ✓ Check the exact location of the bus on the map. You can also intuitively check other buses and bus stops together at once!

    ✓ In your favorites, you can not only save a bus stop but also a pair of route and bus stop. Now you can get exactly what you want!

    ✓ Find nearby stops based on your location. Within just 2 touches, you can find when the bus will arrive at that stop. StreetView will be there to show the surrounding view of that bus stop.

    ✓ Predictions will automatically updated. You can set the refresh interval on your own.

    ✓ Full support for devices from Ginger Bread(2.3.3) to Jelly Bean(4.1), including tablets.

    .... and many more cool features you can easily understand.

    This app is designed to provide predictions as clearly and simply as possible within a few number of touches. You will love it!

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