12-Lead ECG Challenge

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    12-Lead ECG Challenge is the ideal way to sharpen your 12-Lead ECG interpretation skills. Created by Tom Bouthillet electrocardiography expert and popular ECG blogger, this app contains 150 clinically obtained 12-lead ECGs to provide you the practice, insights and confidence you need!

    The 12-Lead ECG Challenge app presents a wide variety of cardiac pathologies including a special emphasis on acute STEMI and the STEMI mimics, electrolyte imbalances and others. If you are responsible for cath lab activation, this program is ideal for honing skills and preventing false activation.

    Each case begins with the patient complaint and the actual field or hospital 12-lead ECG. You will be able to examine each 12-lead and come to a diagnostic conclusion. ECGs are expandable and movable for easy viewing on phones, computers or tablets. After choosing “answer” you will see a detailed analysis of the strip – many times with highlights graphically superimposed over the strip itself to show areas of interest.

    The 12-Lead ECG challenge allows you to choose 5, 10 or 20 strips at a time as well as a feature allowing you to exclude strips you have already mastered from the program.

    App Highlights:

    • Phone or tablet- no problem! ECGs expand and move on your screen for easy viewing.
    • 150 high-quality 12-lead ECGs.
    • Strips are presented with the actual patient complaint/scenario.
    • Detailed rationale answers including actual diagnosis and graphical reference demonstrating key points on the ECG itself.
    • Highlights acute STEMI, STEMI mimics, cath lab activation recommendations, electrolyte imbalances, and other cardiac and atypical presentations and anginal equivalents.

    NOTE: This app contains 150 high-quality 12-lead ECG images and detailed graphic explanations. To provide this quality, the app is a large download. Android requires 91mb of available space (45mb cache for download and 45mb for product install). Some phones do not have this space available. If you have the needed space and get an error you may need to clear your market cache in order to download. Also due to size, downloading over a wireless network is preferable to the cellular network.

    NOTE: Purchase of this app will not provide the user access to the web site

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