4 in 1, Talk Listen Draw Notes

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    •4 in 1, Type and Talk, Voice to Text, Drawing Board and Notes Creator
    •Type and Talk, Simply type and it talks. Options to set language, voice and speed. How does French sound to you? How about Italian? Male or female voice? Slow or fast speed?...
    •Great tool for earlier learners, speech impaired, hearing impaired.
    •Voice to Text, talk and see text appears
    •Drawing Board, friendly and fun interface for better experience. Drawing is an effective way to communication. In addition to 12 basic color crayons on the board, full color selection can be accessed through “Menu” button
    •Notes Creator. Organize and create notes. Comprehensive functions can be performed through device “Menu” button.
    •Note creator also works with most device’s built-in voice recognition to take notes with voice input
    •A wonderful tool and great toy.
    •Have fun and make use of all the functions.