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    Arterial Blood Gas Pro. Get the features of multiple apps in one.

    * Great tool for nurses, doctors and medical students
    * A-a Gradient Calculator
    * Interprets Arterial Blood Gas and Osmolar Gap including triple acid base problems.
    * Provides differential diagnosis of each disorder in your Arterial Blood Gas and Osmolar Gap.
    * Allows you to define Normal pCO2 and Bicarb range for ABG [Arterial Blood Gas] interpretation.
    * Corrects Anion Gap for Albumin(ie Albumin g/dL x 2.5 = normal AG) in the ABG [Arterial Blood Gas] values.
    * Remembers the optional ABG [Arterial Blood Gas] values despite shut down (ie. normal Bicarb range, pCO2 range, use SI units & interpret without Na & Cl)
    * Install to SD
    * Calculates Anion Gap, Osmolar Gap, Delta Delta, Expected PCO2 and Expected Bicarb.

    This ABG [Arterial Blood Gas] and Osmolar Gap app has be "stress tested" against 100+ triple-acid base problems.

    This app has been developed by a ABIM Certified Internal Medicine Physician in the US and calculations are based on: Interpretation of arterial blood gas. Pramod Sood, Gunchan Paul, and Sandeep Puri (Indian J Crit Care Med. 2010 Apr-Jun; 14(2): 57 - 64) 

    This application is for ABG [Arterial Blood Gas] and Osmolar Gap informational/educational purposes only. Please do not use to guide actual patient care and real life ABG interpretation. I take no responsibility for incorrect answers.

    Please notify me ASAP if do see incorrect answers in the ABG interpretation so that I may fix them.

    Please rate highly if you like the app.

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