Australian Curriculum Framework for Junior Doctors (ACFJD) was developed by the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Council (CPMEC). The curriculum framework covers the prevocational phase of medical training and development and encompasses the period between graduation from medical school and vocational training.

    The ACF is an educational template outlining the learning outcomes required of prevocational doctors, to be achieved through their clinical rotations, educational programs and individual learning, in order to promote safe, quality health care.

    The ACF is built around three learning areas: Clinical Management, Communication, and Professionalism. These areas are divided into categories each of which if further subdivided into learning topics. These topics have been identified in the literature and from supervisors' experiences as being critical to both safe prevocational practice and a basis for future training. The principles that underpin the ACF include:
    - Adult learning theory, including: respect for prior learning and experience, provision of clear learning outcomes, regular feedback on performance and provision of opportunities for reflection.
    - A focus on translating learning from university into performance in the workplace.
    - Vertical integration of medical education across the continuum.
    - Clear expectations of outcomes for all involved in prevocational medical education and training.
    - Safety and quality in healthcare.

    The ACF is a continuing collaborative project between the Postgradate Medical Councils (PMCs) and a broad range of stakeholders under the leadership of the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils (CPMEC) and funded by the Australian Government and Health and Ageing.

    The history of the development of the ACF, references and useful downloads and links are available on the CPMEC website:

    This app was developed and distributed by the South Australian Institute of Medical Education and Training (SA IMET) for junior doctors working in South Australian teaching hospitals.