Alligator Dental




    Alligator Dental of Seguin Texas is giving parents more convenience than ever before to access dental care and instructions for their children. Through this app parents can access a wide range of dental information regarding their children’s oral health. Most notably, you can get instant information when your child has a problem that you cannot answer.

    By integrating with the phone’s, camera, text messaging and local storage, you can turn your phone into a comprehensive digital dispatcher to communicate clearly and quickly with the office when you need us most. In addition the app allows you to trigger your phone’s GPS navigation to make reaching your appointments on time a bit easier.

    At Alligator Dental it is our goal to provide you with services that create an optimal communication environment. Make Dr. Al Burns, Dr. Debbie S. DeKay, Dr. Karen and the Alligator Dental staff just a touch away by downloading the Alligator Dental App today.

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