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    All About Amnesia

    (Amensia) is a brain disorder in which the affected person has difficulty in recalling the past events. Put simply, amnesia is the loss of memory. Amnesia occurs because of some damage done to the brain as a result of some injury. It is the inability to recall the information that is stored in the brain. People who suffer from amnesia find it difficult to imagine the future. It is because the human imaginations about the future is closely related to the memory of the past. All of us keep forgetting something on a daily basis, but the people suffering from amnesia experience large scale loss of memory.

    This app contains some information about amnesia. The main ingredients of this app are:

    * # An introduction to amnesia

    * # Providing support and care to the sufferer

    * # Some information about psychological amnesia

    * # Stress as a reason behind amnesia

    * # Lifestyle as a factor for amnesia

    This app is useful for those people who are suffering from some kind of memory loss. A thorough glance over this app can help the people know about the problem of amnesia and what to do in case someone gets affected by amnesia. People who want to know about memory loss problems would find this app very helpful.

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