Anaesthesia - Exotic Animals

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    Quick reference pocket guide of Anaesthesia Protocols for the most common exotic animals.

    Regarding exotic animals, if you are an experienced vet or a veterinary student, this application will help you.

    This guide has been made by a Dr DVM board elegible ECVAA. (

    Never use this guide without supervision of a veterinarian!

    For any question or suggestion, please send an email to:

    The following exotic animals are included:
    * Avian species
    * Chinchillas
    * Degus
    * Ferrets
    * Gerbils
    * Guinea Pigs
    * Hamsters
    * Hedgehogs
    * Lizards
    * Rabbits
    * Rats
    * Snakes
    * Tortoise and Turtles

    For each of the mentioned exotic animals you can find:

    * Relevant Anaesthetic Parameters
    * Emergency Drugs
    * Anaesthesia:
    - Premedication
    - Induction
    - Intubation
    - Maintenance
    - Recovery
    * Additional Analgesia
    * Reversion

    This application is an electronic guide about anesthesia providing quick reference to anesthesia methods. It contains specialist information about veterinary anesthesia methods. The information provided is specifically dedicated to veterinarians.

    Limitation of warranties
    The medical information in this application is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. The maker makes no representations or warranties in relation to the medical information in this application.

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