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    By Fluid Friction Labs

    Androidency is a suite of eight sub applications for android smart phones.
    These sub applications will help users in medical emergencies and also assist them in everyday activities.
    The sub applications are:

    1. I'm Bored
    Provides the user with many RSS feeds, like daily sports and news updates, jokes and quotes. You can also add a URL of your choice.

    2. Primary Medical Help
    For your daily medical needs. Enter your symptoms and based on that the prescribed medicine's name will be shown. There is also a reminder that will pop up after 2 days that will help u contact your doctor with the query in case the medicine does not work.
    Caution: To be used only only for common ailments, under the supervision of a doctor. Do not self medicate.

    3. Medical History
    Stores your medical history and along with it also stores the contact no. of your doctor. In the event of an emergency the treating doctor will know your medical history and would be able to treat you.

    4. I'm Awake
    This sub application is useful in situations where a 24 hour monitoring service is not available to patients. The caretaker can set a monitoring timer and if during that time there is no movement recorded by the patient, indicating that the patient might have slipped into unconsciousness, a message is sent to the In-Case-of-Emergency (ICE) numbers directly. The message will be sent only if no one responds to the vibration message "are you awake?" that pops up after the set interval. This is added to prevent false alarms. I'm awake will run as a background service otherwise you can turn it off using the toggle button provided in the sub application

    5. Blood Emergency
    Whenever there is a requirement of blood during emergencies, one can click on this sub application and a list of contacts which have the same blood group as the user, is displayed and one can just click on the message icon to send a message directly to them. You just need to add your blood group when you download the application and also add the blood group of your contacts.

    6. Dynamic Emergency Contacts
    The In-case-of-emergency list keeps on changing according to your current location. The people who are located closest to you will be contacted first. This uses GPS and Network Triangulation methods (when GPS does not work).

    7. Medicine Monitoring
    Fill in the medication and dosage according to the doctor's prescription. Set alarms (when you need to take the medicines) for any time of the day.
    It also gives you a notification when the pills go out of stock.You will also get a pop up of a Google map of all the medical shops in your vicinity, once your pills get over.

    In case you are unable to reach your mobile (you've slipped, there is a fire, that's preventing you from reaching you mobile, etc..), the mobile phone’s microphone will record any 'emergency word 'or phrases (Help, Emergency, Help Me) and without any further a message will be sent to all the contacts in your in-case-of-emergency list.
    Note: In the next version, voice SOS will also run as a background service.

    Important Instructions:
    1.Fill in the medical history along with your Blood Group for the other Sub-applications to work.
    2.Fill in the address field of your contacts for the Dynamic Emergency Contact Lists to work.
    3. The above mentioned instructions are very important for the other Sub-applications in Androidency to work too.

    For further enquires contact:

    Visit the Developers website, for more information about Androidency and how to go about the application .The link is given below.

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