Anesthesia 411

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    Anesthesia 411 is a collection of more than 125 of the most common cases seen by an anesthesiologist. This is not a didactic manual that goes over diseases, theory and physiology. Rather, this is a simple, concise guide for those that need information fast.

    Using a simple format, it will tell you what you need to set up your room in about 60 seconds. It will guide you on the IV access, drugs, and equipment you need to do the case. It will go over pre-op, intra-op and post-op issues germane to the case.

    Don't be intimidated by a case you have never done. Anesthesia 411 will give you the information you need to get up to speed in seconds. Whether you are a resident, CRNA or junior attending, this guide is a must when you need the 411.

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