AQR - Cardiac events




    Cardiac events require immediate attention and the Focus Animated Quick Reference – Cardiac Events prepares one for the pre and post procedure care of the patient. Useful images & videos and the tips on diet and physical activity included and diagnostic and treatment procedures covered help in being adequately prepared.

    The Focus Animated Quick Reference series provides an organized reference source full of information and facts that describe various diseases and disorders that affect the human body. Each title in the series addresses health concerns with authoritative content on a given condition and is supported by relevant images and lifelike animation videos besides a glossary of related terms and their meanings, and a section for maintaining the patient’s record. This handy reference is designed for easy navigation between the content, glossary, images and videos that play independent of the internet once downloaded.

    DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this application is only intended to be informative and should not be construed as a substitute for medical advice.

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