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    Please read before you download. Try the lite version before you download the paid one. There is no magic, working of this app entirely depends on your phone's hardware. If your phone's microphone can record high fidelity sound (<150Hz) then you will be hearing the beats. We have tested this on few but it can not be tested on the entire gamut of phones this app is available on. We appreciate you downloading the app, help us remove the device from the list of supported device if it does not work on your phone by emailing us. If it does not work please try high fidelity external mic. Also in paid version you can connect your device to your laptop and listen to the recording, as laptop has better sound card there are high chances you will be able to hear the beats.
    Also please try different settings and email us filter, frequency and order that worked for you. If you are having issue using this app please give us a chance to rectify before giving a bad review.


    Baby Heartbeats is an android app designed to record fetal heartbeat with just phone's microphone. Baby's heartbeat recording can be shared with your loved ones via email, facebook, twitter etc. This application is developed for last trimester of pregnancy. It is safe to use as AIRPLANE MODE mode is mandatory which cancels all emitted waves from the device (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, etc.), so you can use your android phone as stethoscope to hear your fetal heartbeats.
    Try before you buy, we have developed a liter version of this app. Check the preview on that before you download the paid version.
    Recording depends on the hardware and the custom processing done by the phone manufacturer. You can adjust setting as follows

    1. Change the sound source from VOICE_RECOGNITION to MIC. Some manufacturers provide raw sound with either one of them.
    2. There are four filtering options, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Band Stop Filter and Band Pass Filter.
    3. Low Pass Filter use low pass frequency as a cut-off frequency. Low pass frequency is also used by Band Stop Filter and Band Pass Filter as low cut-off.
    3. High Pass Filter use high pass frequency as a cut-off frequency. High pass frequency is also used by Band Stop Filter and Band Pass Filter as high cut-off.
    4. There are six various window option that will be used by filters.
    5. Filter Order: In audio signal processing, filter order is a delay in samples used to create each output. You can try various filter order for enhanced filtering.

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