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    Bija PI Android application allows principal investigators (PI) from all over the world to be part of BijaHealth’s PI database. Investigators can download this application on their android phone and enter their information. This information will be stored in BijaHealth’s PI database.

    BijaHealth employees will also use this application to collect PI information while visiting PI. They can enter the information on behalf of the PI.

    Developed by Syed Riyaz and Yesubabu B. iMomentous is preferred information technology (IT) solutions provider for BijaHealth.

    BijaHealth is located in Horsham PA, the hub of biotech and pharmaceutical market research organizations. In India it is located in Hyderabad, the capital city of pharmaceutical industries in South Asia. We have the largest de-identified patient level database available in India and employ proprietary, HIPAA-compliant, Governing policy–compliant methods that link unique patients anonymously over time in most therapeutic areas.

    BijaHealth is the leading provider of secondary patient level data from emerging markets and is a one stop solution for all clinical trial related and market research services.

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