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    Give Blood for Money or Glory!

    Blood bank and plasma center directory. Locate plasma centers and get paid up to $40/hour! Review cordblood storage banks for keeping stemcell and dna material. Over 3100 locations in United States and Canada listed with a growing community of over 6800 ratings and reviews from our loyal users.

    Since 2002, has been THE resource for promoting blood donation awareness education and providing a volunteer made directory.

    Here are the top 3 facts on blood donation on why it is so important:

    3. A serious car accident requires the amount of blood from 50 people!
    2. Cancer patients need blood from 8 people every week!
    1. Every 2 seconds someone in the USA needs blood!

    More on why donating blood is awesome...from author Michael S. Williams.

    Though not controversial enough to qualify as front page news, sparse blood supply is affecting each person on this planet. You have a 25% likelihood to need a blood transfusion in your lifetime. When that time comes, would you want to be on a waiting list because there is no blood in stock at the hospital?

    Despite the scarcity of blood supply in Europe and the United States, donations make up 48% of the 91.8 million donations in the world. All that blood for people who make up just 15% of the world's population.

    Of the almost 92 million donations, only 4.3% donations have been reported from the 45 African countries. A blood supply that is scarcer than scarce since these countries make up 12% of the global population. The low turn-out of donors mean a very low supply for transfusions.

    Severe blood loss or hemorrhage is a leading cause of 34% maternal deaths in Africa; this can occur during their pregnant state, on delivery and post partum. Low blood supply also accounts for 31% of maternal deaths in Asia and 21% deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    Transfusion is one of the life-saving steps hospitals recommend for cases of severe bleeding anytime during pregnancy and after delivery. Without access to a healthy blood supply, mothers are dying. Access to a safe blood supply and life-saving measures are a big issue in low income homes like the ones in Africa. Not only volunteer blood donors are needed but volunteers for blood banks in these parts of the world.

    Many recipients of donor blood have gone on to become donors themselves. If not for donors, they would have been dead or suffered lingering pain. Once an accident happens and it hits close to home, having life-saving blood available lessens the burden. Blood donation may not be for everybody, there are many ways to make several hours of your time matter for the community.

    In 2009, Paul de Gelder, a NAVY diver got fatally bitten by a shark in Sydney Harbor while on duty. He had lost a lot of blood and the time he got to the hospital he couldn’t breathe properly or move. He lost his right leg and his right forearm that bled profusely. He survived, thanks to 300 units of blood and the 150 donors who made it possible for the transfusion.

    In the United States, Brian Boyle had every major organ damaged and bones damaged in a terrible car accident. He died 8 times during recovery and had 36 transfusions to replace 60% of the blood he lost. For Brian, a single pint from each person can help not only strangers but loved ones who will be forever grateful. He now volunteers his and donates blood to the Red Cross. He is also an Ironheart Triathlete.

    There is NO substitution for human blood when it comes to operations and treating a whole host of diseases. Don't let blood shortages become common place, support blood donation because you never know when you might need it!

    Also, if you want to donate more to this noble cause, please visit and find our about us page to learn more about how you can help.

    But, most importantly, spread the word about blood donation and we all benefit.

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