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    Bubble Brain Games is an addicting game that allows you to practice your memory and concentration. Improve your short-term memory by observing floating bubbles and clicking the ones that will appear up once again.

    On the screen there will appear various objects enclosed in bubbles, and your job is to click on the object that appears for the second time. In the following levels there will appear more items to click. If you fail to click the required number of bubbles at a given time, you lose. The faster you finish the level, the more points you earn, and if you click on the wrong item we will subtract the time and points. You can share your results with friends by email or on Facebook.

    This brain game is a great exercise for memory and concentration. It's a real brain fitness! Install it and train your memory, trying to go through all the levels!
    The application is easy to use, has a nice and graphics and music. You can use it not only as a brain training but also to pass the time in situations like travelling or in the waiting room. It is also a great game for kids. Through play children will practice their memory!

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