Chem-Agent Casualty Treatment

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    This publication provides multiservice tactics, techniques, and procedures (MTTP) and is designed for use as a reference for trained members of the Armed Forces Medical Services and other medically qualified personnel on the recognition and treatment of chemical agent casualties and conventional military chemical injuries. Additionally, this field manual (FM) provides information on first aid (self-aid and buddy aid) and enhanced first aid (combat
    lifesaver [United States (US) Army]) for these casualties.

    This publication classifies and describes chemical warfare (CW) agents and other hazardous chemicals associated with military operations and describes how to diagnose and treat conventional military chemical injuries (that is, riot control agents, smokes, incendiary agents, and other toxic industrial chemicals [TICs]).

    Further, this publication—
    (1) Describes procedures for recognizing chemical casualties
    (2) Describes measures for handling contaminated clothing and equipment at medical treatment facilities (MTFs)
    (3) Describes medical management and treatment in chemical operations
    (4) Describes procedures for individual skin protection and decontamination
    (5) Describes procedures for administering nerve agent antidotes
    (6) Provides an immediate/emergency treatment ready reference for the treatment of CW agents and some TICs

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