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    A new defibrillator app for smartphones will help to boost safety levels in public areas of the City of Graz.

    In a first step, busy areas in the city were provided with publicly accessible defibrillators. The timely use of these devices means that normal cardiac activity can be restored with a small dose of electrical energy should anyone experience an unexpected heart malfunction when they are out and about in such places. A corresponding list of sites with available defibrillators has been set up on the City of Graz’s safety management website.

    In a highly important second step, this data can now be accessed by smartphone users. A defibrillator app has been developed so that more people can respond to cardiac emergencies.

    The City of Graz’s defibrillator app has a number of advantages:

    - A simple touch of an icon enables users to access vital information in an instant.
    – Content can still be retrieved even if the smartphone is offline.

    The City of Graz’s defibrillator app has the following features:

    – The Map View feature displays an overview of all defibrillator sites as well as those in the immediate vicinity of the user.
    – The List View feature indicates distances to the defibrillator sites. A detailed view is displayed once a particular site has been selected.
    – The Detailed View feature contains the precise address and access times.
    – The app provides instructions for administering first aid.
    – The Emergency Call View feature consists of an emergency call button which displays the current position of the user in the form of an address. It also contains buttons which automatically call the ambulance service.

    Remember, the timely use of a defibrillator can save lives!

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