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    Welcome to Color Blindness Test, a small game that allows you to check your color vision.
    The Ishihara Color Test is an example of a color perception test for red-green color deficiencies. It was named after its designer, Dr. Shinobu Ishihara. The test consists of a number of colored plates, called Ishihara plates, each of which contains a circle of dots appearing randomized in color and size. Within the pattern are dots which form a number or shape clearly visible to those with normal color vision, and invisible, or difficult to see, to those with a red-green color vision defect, or the other way around. The seemingly random colored dots are arranged in such a fashion that a person with normal color vision will see a single-digit or two-digit number within the array of dots, while a colorblind person will either be unable to see a number or will see a different number than the one seen by a person with normal color vision.
    A color blind test should be given to anyone considering a profession where accurate color perception is essential. Examples include car driver, electricians, commercial artists, designers, technicians, and certain manufacturing and marketing personnel.

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