Critical Care ACLS Honeycomb

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    The Critical Care ACLS Guide for Honeycomb makes it easy for physicians, paramedics and nurses check ACLS drug doses, interpret EKGs, look up patient medications, and much more.

    * Quick navigation to critical information
    * Custom bookmarks let you quickly return to your favorite pages
    * Expanded search capability
    * Add notes to a page
    * Calculators

    “I have been using Informed’s Critical Care ACLS Guide for years and never go to work without it.”
    —Shaun Michael Scott, RN, EMTP, CareFlite Flight Nurse

    The Informed Critical Care ACLS Guide for Honeycomb gives you immediate access to critical information in an easy-to-use app with rich content, detailed illustrations, and pioneering features. Best of all, you know you can depend on the Critical Care ACLS Guide for Honeycomb, because it was created by Informed Publishing—the trusted leader in emergency reference information since 1986. Informed’s print and digital guides are carried in the pockets, on mobile devices, and in the emergency vehicles of over one million first responders nationwide.

    Critical information covers use of airway devices such as the Combitube, LMA, and King LT Airway, a complete list of emergency & ACLS drugs, including Natrecor and Ketamine, an extensive prescription drug list, Rapid 12-Lead EKG interpretation page, dermatomes, hemodynamics, lab values, and a complete list of abbreviations.
    * Current ACLS Algorithms
    * Emergency & ACLS Drugs
    * 12-Lead EKG Section & Acute MI
    * Basic EKG Rhythms
    * Laryngeal Mask Airway / RSI
    * “Rave” Drugs
    * Basic Chest X-Ray Interpretation
    * Fibrinolytic Screen for AMI & Stroke
    * Ischemic Stroke Management / Neuro
    * Pediatric Resuscitation, Drug Doses, Vitals
    * End-Tidal CO2 / Capnography / Ventilator Guidelines
    * Trauma & Glasgow Coma Scales
    * Common Medical Emergencies
    * Burn Charts, the “Rule of 9s”
    * Pulse Oximetry, IV Drip Rates
    * Quick EMS Spanish Translations
    * Lab Values, Metrics, and Notes Pages

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