Dosing Weight & Anthropometric

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    Dosing weight and anthropometrics measurements (IBW, TBW, BMI, BSA, LBM, PIB,TBW). Appropriate methods to calculate the dosage in obese patients is not well established. In general, obese patients have an increased volume of distribution of lipophilic drugs, increased elimination of hydrophilic substances, and decreased lean body mass and tissue water. These changes predispose these patients to subtherapeutic or toxic responses to various drugs.
    This application reports the adjusted weight (DW) to be used to calculate the doses of different drugs, caloric requirements, or different procedures.
    Content (calculations): Dosing weight for different drug dosage (antiarrhythmic, sedatives, electrolytes, antibiotics, muscle relaxants, heparins, ....) Ideal body weight, percentage of ideal weight, body mass index, body surface area, lean body mass, total body water.

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