Dr. Abbassian




    Dr. Mehran Abbassian, of Santa Clarita, Ca. is giving his dental patients another reason to smile. It’s the SCV Dentist app. With this app you now have faster access to the office than ever before.

    The app integrates with your phone’s camera, text messaging and local storage, allowing you multiple options for communicating with the office. The app lets you send in pictures so you can receive instant advice or a callback with detailed instructions on many of your dental concerns. Now you can communicate clearly and quickly with the office 24/7. In addition the app allows you to trigger your phone’s GPS navigation to help you make it to your appointment regardless of your current location.

    Dr. Mehran Abbassian’s goal is to provide you with the latest technology and services that create an open and easy environment to communicate. With the app you have more than just high-tech service. You can get information on a full range of services from cosmetic to restorative dentistry. That’s especially important for patients with long-term oral health issues and for your children. For you and your family, the app adds an element of care that is designed to work with your busy schedule. Get the education and access you need to manage your dental health! Make Dr. Abbassian and his dental team a touch away by downloading the SCV Dentist App today.