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    MedCalc 3000 is now EBMcalc, Solutions for Evidence-Based Medicine.

    EBMcalc is the most popular and comprehensive Medical Calculator system on the web. EBMcalc has been highly acclaimed, reviewed and tested over the last 18 years. As a trusted resource it has been integrated into many prestigious websites for Medical Education, Medical Literature, Pharmacology, Nursing and more. Now you can put this invaluable resource in the palm of your hand!

    EBMcalc encompasses over 600 pertinent medical formulae, clinical criteria sets, decision tree tools and dose/unit converters used every day by clinicians, educators, nurses, pharmacologists and students of all types. With the growing emphasis on Evidence-Based Medicine, there has never been a greater need for a system such as EBMcalc.

    EBMcalc Complete Edition mirrors the web based resource There you can see the complete list of components you’ll have in the iPhone Edition:

    There are hundreds of basic calculators and unit/dose converters such as:

    A-a Gradient
    Anion Gap “Delta-Delta”
    Adult and pediatric Creat Clearance and GFR calculators
    Adult Body Mass Index
    Burn Injury Fluid Resuscitation (Parkland)
    Cardiac Output
    Corticosteroid Medication Dosing Conversions
    Estimated Date of Delivery Pregnancy Calculator
    Kappa Measurement of Inter-observer Agreement
    MELD, MELD-Na and PELD Scores
    Number Needed to Treat/Harm
    Opioid Medication Dose Conversions
    Oxygen Delivery Units Conversions
    PFT Predicted Values (multiple)
    Peak Expiratory Flow Prediction
    Pharmacokinetcs calculators
    SI Unit Conversions: Body Fluid Chemistries
    Standard Drink Equivalents
    Water Deficit in Hypernatremia

    You also get very complex calculators that utilize statistical models and embedded data tables. Calculators such as:

    Acetaminophen Toxicity Assessment
    Blood Pressure Percentiles in Children
    Body Mass Index Percentiles in Children
    Height for Age Percentiles for Boys
    Multiple other Pediatric Growth Assessment calculators

    There are also Hundreds of Clinical Criteria Sets and Decision Tree modules such as:

    Apgar Score
    Asthma Hospitalization One Year Risk TreeCalc
    Behcet's Syndrome International Study Group Criteria
    BODE Index for COPD Survival Prediction
    Cardiac Risk Assessments including Framingham studies
    Diabetes Type Predictor
    DVT and PE predictor models
    Ectopic Pregnancy Risk Estimation
    Endocarditis Diagnostic Criteria
    Gail Models for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
    Hepatitis scoring systems
    Influenza Diagnosis and Treatment
    Jones Criteria
    Metabolic Syndrome Criteria (multiple)
    Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Prediction
    Neurofibomatosis Type 2 Diagnostic Criteria
    Newborn Hyperbilirubinemia Assessment
    NIH Stroke Score
    Ottawa and Pittsburgh Orthopedic Rules
    Perioperative Cardiac Evaluation
    Pneumonia morbidity and mortality predictors (multiple)
    Renal Artery Stenosis Prediction Model.
    Stroke Risk in Patients 55-84 Years Old (Framingham data)

    Exploring EBMcalc by Specialty reveals the extensive knowledge base and literature review presented in EBMcalc. Specialty indexes include:

    Critical Care
    Emergency Medicine
    Infectious Disease
    Medical Education
    Medical Statistics
    Pain Management
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    Smoking Cessation
    Women's Health
    Workers' Compensation

    To practice, teach and learn medicine based on solid, literature based evidence, EBMcalc provides easy to use, interactive tools for your Evidence-Based Medicine.

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    Ryan Watts

    by Ryan Watts

    May 29, 2015  |  "OK"

    Very difficult interface to navigate and find equations

    Pam Miller

    by Pam Miller

    Aug 07, 2014  |  "Good"

    No easy way to convert drugs. Doesn't have frequently used er drugs such as dopamine. Lots of other good info. Please make your converter user-friendly, and Include er drugs like dopamine.

    Nico Riva

    by Nico Riva

    Jul 17, 2014  |  "Good"

    Very useful application but unfortunately it stops quite frequently. I hope they will solve this bug soon

    William Cooper

    by William Cooper

    Dec 10, 2013  |  "Great"

    Search for concussion gives no results. Instead search for GCS or New Orleans Minor Head Trauma. Does not tie together decision trees and guidelines for treatment. You have to spend a lot of time learning what the software has available to make it be productive.

    Anastasis Md

    by Anastasis Md

    Oct 04, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    Now it figures! :)