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ECG Interpretation

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    A resource that provides information for visual learners with easy to learn and recall visual images that leave a lasting impression. This latest update is based on the 1st edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates.

    ECG Interpretation: An incredibly Visual! Pocket Guide, presents the basics of interpreting various rhythm types such as sinus, atrial, junctional, ventricular and AV blocks as well as includes must-know information on ECG changes in specific cardiac disorders such as myocardial infarction, in electrolyte imbalances, and with a pacemaker.

    // Key Features
    • Concise, clearly written text with easy to understand explanations
    • Includes visually stunning 4-color photographs and illustrations throughout
    • Highlights interpretation tips and life-threatening arrhythmias throughout

    // Unique Features
    • Full color images: This product includes images that help bring the content to life.
    • Update Policy: Edition-based. New editions are released when the content changes significantly; there is no standard schedule for new editions.

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