Emergency Information




    This app is for your safety in case of emergencies, such as if you are unconscious.

    Take the rescuers your phone or tablet to hand these evident from the lock screen, the medical information is now stored here.

    After the lock screen was removed with a mop, they need to press only on one of the widgets with the international symbol of the "Star of Life" and the title "Emergency Information Inside" and have all the relevant information about you can be identified, such as name, age , blood type, Rh factor, diseases and allergies, medications and dosing instructions, contacts in an emergency and if you are an organ donor.

    Especially abroad, it is important to get the local rescue this information quickly and accurately. Therefore, in this app for 13 languages ​​available. Before crossing the border in the foreign country to set the local language and thus gain valuable time in an emergency - possibly your life!

    Currently, the following languages ​​are supported: Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish!

    Other languages ​​are in the works and will be installed the next free update!

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