EMT PASS is an exam preparation product like no other. What makes this product unique is the combination of high quality test questions and detailed audio rationales created by Bill Brown, former Executive Director of the NREMT.

    Bill Brown’s no-nonsense audio rationales that have been called an “EMT class in itself” because of the depth and insights provided. Each audio rationale explains why the answer is correct and why the others aren’t. The audios also contain tips on question interpretation and clinical issues.

    This app contains a sample exam of 10 representative questions and audio rationales. The full version can purchased for $29.99. If you have an account on LC-Ready with EMT PASS you can use this version to sign in and sync all of your exams.

    *FULL VERSION INCLUDES* 960 questions in 8 examinations and over 20 hours of audio recordings, EMT PASS is the single, high quality tool you need to pass the exam. Our product is broken up into three sections. Section one covers the first half of the EMT knowledge base; the second half covers the remaining material. Section three contains two simulated final examinations. But our features don’t stop there:

    •Use EMT PASS at your desktop or on your phone or tablet.
    •7 mini-podcasts explain the exam and provide study advice and tactics.
    •Pause exams if you get a call or go into class. The program resumes where you left off when you are ready.
    •Each exam has a specific pass/fail cut score based on difficulty level.
    •You receive customized audio feedback on exams based on your performance.
    •High quality test questions and detailed audio rationales support users regardless of learning style or reading ability.

    All exam items in EMT PASS are original work. This product is designed to closely simulate the NREMT exam but does not contain any actual NREMT exam items. Limmer Creative and Bill Brown both support and respect the NREMT and its mission.

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