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    UPDATE - MARCH 2018

    Unfortunately this app will NO LONGER BE UPDATED. Developing apps for Android devices has become increasingly frustrating and time consuming over the past few years. As a result I am no longer able to produce timely updates of good quality.

    ExpeditionDocs LLC will therefore only be creating iOS apps going forward. This app will still be available for at a reduced price.

    ERres is an easy-to-navigate bedside tool containing the various medication lists, algorithms, decision rules, clinical policies and core content most often looked up by emergency care providers.

    An evidence-based and up-to-date app... continuously updated and expanded.

    So why continue buying paperback references year after year when for the price of a large mocha latte you can buy ERres now and get all future updates... for free!?!?

    Below is a SAMPLE list of available features.

    - search function
    - personal notes

    - Antidotes
    - Elimination by dialysis
    - Prevent absorption
    - Specific toxins (acetaminophen, CCB, snakebite)
    - Toxidromes

    - CSF analysis
    - Intraosseous needles
    - Local anesthetics

    - eFAST
    - Gallbladder
    - IVC/fluid status
    - Pelvic
    - Pneumothorax

    Intubation and sedation:
    - ARDSnet
    - Post-intubation package
    - DOPES and DOTTS
    - Procedural sedation meds
    - RSI meds
    - RSI in head injury
    - Sedation scales

    - ACLS and PALS algorithms
    - Code meds
    - GCS
    - H's and T's
    - Sepsis
    - Shock
    - Vasopressors

    Decision rules:
    - C-spine clearance
    - DVT and pulmonary embolism
    - Knee trauma
    - Minor head trauma
    - Ottawa rules
    - Pediatric septic hip
    - Pneumonia scores
    - Strep throat
    - Stroke and TIA
    - Syncope rules
    - TIMI score for UA/NSTEMI
    - UGIB

    - Agitation
    - Antidotes
    - Common drips
    - Hypertensive emergency
    - IV fluids
    - Local anesthetics
    - Vasopressors

    - Acid base
    - Allergy and anaphylaxis
    - Burns
    - Cardiology (Duke criteria, STEMI guidelines, ECG section)
    - Dental
    - Endocrine and lytes (DKA, hyperkalemia and thyroid storm)
    - Formulas
    - GU and renal (priapism, STD treatment, UTI/pyelonephritis)
    - Heme/Onc (factor replacement, neutropenic fever, supratherapeutic INR)
    - Lab values
    - Neurology (seizures, spinal cord syndromes, stroke)
    - OB/Gyn (OB wheel, postpartum hemorrhage, rhogam, shoulder dystocia)
    - Ophtho (acute glaucoma, eye chart, visual pathway)
    - Pulmonary (asthma)

    - Head (TBI guidelines)
    - Neck and cord (spinal cord syndromes, spine fractures, zones of the neck)
    - Chest (blunt cardiac injury, hemothorax and pneumothorax)
    - Upper extremity (elbow ossification centers)
    - Lower extremity (bohler's angle, patella alta/infera)

    - Weight based tape
    - Acute otitis media
    - APGAR score
    - Elbow ossification centers
    - Fever guidelines
    - Febrile seizures
    - Salter-harris fractures
    - Sick neonate differential
    - Vital signs

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