Eye Diagnosis




    This App has the purpose to support the visualization of eye photographs on an Android device, in order to do medical iris diagnosis.

    The key features of the App are
    - the organization of eye photos by name, date and side (right/left)
    - the display of two eye photos in parallel (with full support of individual resizing), so that comparisons are possible (such as right-left comparison, earlier-later comparison, different person comparison, or comparison to an iris topography).
    - Change of brightness and contrast of the photo during display, and overlay with an iris topography.

    The app stores data (such as position of center of eye) as metadata in the JPG files. This allows to transfer stored data between different devices by just copying the photos.

    The app allows free use only for a trial period of two weeks. Further use requires the one-time purchase of an in-app package.


    If you experience issues with the app, please contact me with the detailed problem description.

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