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    Critical care and urgent therapies in your hand!
    The application, using certified tables by an equipe of doctors, gives to doctors all the informations needed in the infusion therapy in an easy, clear and fast way for the following drugs:
    Adenosine, Aminophylline, Bivalirudin, Ibutilide, Reteplase

    An interactive card, for more of 40 drugs, let doctor to adapt dosages for IV bolus and drip rates, drug concentration and infusion rate based on patient's weight, kind of administration or after a critical event.
    It is very useful in the fields of internal medicine, emergency medicine and critical/intensive care for both medical officers, nursing officers, medical and nursing students.
    The informations of all drugs about the emergency care have been offered and revised by cardiologist and heart specialists.

    N.B. The Demo version is preparatory for using Fast Infusion Dosage that implements all emergency drugs.

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