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    Giving You Control. Helping You Cope.

    FibroMapp is a top-selling pain management app designed specifically for Fibromyalgia and CFS / ME.

    FibroMapp has been designed by people with Fibromyalgia and CFS for people with Fibromyalgia or CFS.

    FibroMapp can help you to understand your symptoms and triggers and, crucially, provide evidence to your GP of what you have been going through.

    Fibromyalgia and CFS is unique to each sufferer, and so is FibroMapp! FibroMapp comes pre-loaded with common Pain Locations and Medications to get you up and running fast; but every area can be customised to suit your circumstances.

    With FibroMapp, you can:

    • Track your mood, energy & pain levels throughout your body
    • Track how effective your medications or aids were to ease your pain
    • Track your sleep patterns
    • Track your medications and set reminder alarms
    • Keep a Journal of how you’re feeling

    FibroMapp has been designed for ease of use; you can use as much or as little of it as you need to help you gain more control and understanding of your condition and what helps you manage your pain.

    The information you enter into FibroMapp can be compiled to create easy-to-read PDF Reports, which can be viewed on your device or downloaded and printed (for free) to take to your GP.

    These Reports can provide excellent back-up documentation for:

    • Doctors
    • Insurance
    • Benefits

    FibroMapp combines the features of other single-feature Android apps to provide a single destination for your Pain Tracking needs:

    Pain Recording
    • Record your Overall Pain Severity
    • Record Pain Severity for a particular Location
    • Record the Type of Pain for a particular Location
    • Add to, Edit or Delete Pain Locations and Types of Pain
    • Record activities which may have exacerbated your Pain
    • Record what your Pain has prevented you doing
    • Add notes to explain an entry (also visible in your Journal)
    • Create a Report
    Pain Record Follow-up
    • Record whether any Medications helped
    • Record whether any Aids helped
    Flare-Up entry
    • Allows you to add a quick entry, for when your Pain is too much. You can fill out the details later, when you feel up to it.
    Mood & Energy tracker
    • Record your Mood and Fatigue when adding a Pain record
    • Over time, you will generate a graph comparing Overall Pain, Mood and Fatigue
    Sleep Tracker
    • Record your Sleep & Wake times, and your quality of sleep
    • Add notes (also visible in your Journal)
    • Create a Report
    Medication Tracker
    • Record your Medication usage
    • Indicate max dosage in 24hr period
    • Create reminder alarms
    • Add general notes
    • View Pain, Sleep & general notes over a date range
    • Create a Report
    Secure and Private
    • FibroMapp is a single-device application
    • Your data is stored on your device only

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