This app together with the guard2me watch provided by LOSTnFOUND allows the wearer of the watch to reveal his GPS coordinates to anyone, previously defined. guard2me is ideal for keeping your loved one safe in the event of an emergency.

    With this app you control the settings of guard2me and you are able to see in an emergency the location of the watch wearer and receive alerts directly on your mobile.

    guard2me doesn’t rely on GPS technology alone but also utilizes the mobile network by using an advanced technology called Cell Location which will help to locate your family member even in an area of poor signal or indoors. guard2me has a unique agreement with world wide mobile providers that allows it to operate seamlessly in 145 countries and will not result in any additional roaming charges as it automatically switches networks.

    guard2me primarily works as a location device but it also carries a number of fantastic features that will help you protect your family members. guard2me’s intelligent G-Sensor will recognize if they have suffered a fall and immediately send you a text message or push notification. When a fall has occurred or the SOS Button has been pressed the guard2me watch will display important information that you choose such as medial information, blood type, medications that they are taking or emergency contact details. This is vital if paramedics or members of the public find your loved one they can use this to help attend to them.

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