Heparin Dosing

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    * Create your own heparin protocol (this feature in beta!)
    * Great tool for nurses, doctors and medical students
    * Allows you to calculate the starting dose of a heparin drip
    * Can use current rate and aPTT and suggest adjustments to the drip rate
    * Can make calculations using lean body weight
    * Allows you to define the starting bolus dose and rate
    * Allows you to set maximum rate and bolus for the starting dose
    * Can use SI or British using
    * Can round rate to 25/50/100
    * Saves all options and reloads them at startup
    * Dosing Based On: Parenteral Anticoagulants* American College of Chest Physicians Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines (8th Edition) Jack Hirsh, MD, FCCP et. al. CHEST June 2008 vol. 133 no. 6 suppl 141S-159S

    This is an education only app. Please do not use it to guide actual patient care. I take no responsibility for any mistakes that might exist in the app.

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