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    -Free HIPAA secure messaging
    -Created by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals
    -Seamless messaging across multiple platforms: smartphone, tablet, PC
    -Unique network- find any registered provider without calling back lines or waiting on hold
    -Developed with a national HIPAA security expert
    -Uses highest security servers available

    HIPPOmsg allows the transfer of healthcare information from physician to physican on-line (HIPPO). HIPPOmsg is a secure messaging network for healthcare providers to communicate quickly and efficiently - while ensuring HIPAA compliance. Using HIPPOmsg, we can instantly communicate about our patients instead of having to wait on hold or track down a physician's office back-line number. Available as a webpage or as a mobile app, HIPPOmsg was created by healthcare providers, for healthcare providers. HIPPOmsg allows for secure texting among healthcare providers. And its free!

    Texting for healthcare providers
    Texting protected health information (PHI) is illegal! HIPPOmsg allows for secure texting for doctors, medical students, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and licensed independent practitioners.

    Streamlining communications
    HIPPOmsg provides one location for secure, HIPAA-compliant communication among healthcare providers. This is a simple, easy to use service, which eliminates the need to search online or through fragmented medical record databases to reach colleagues. It is no longer necessary to deal with the frustration of endless phone messages, interruptions, and call-backs to exchange protected healthcare information. HIPPOmsg is a secure messaging network that provides easy access to the providers you need, right when you need them.

    Ensuring compliance
    HIPPOmsg has been tested and verified to be secure and HIPAA compliant. Independent compliance experts have been engaged at every step to ensure this service is HIPAA compliant for both web and mobile use.

    Adapting with technology
    Healthcare is notoriously slow to adapt to changes in technology, and sometimes for good reason. However, mobile technology is revolutionizing communication, and the medical field cannot remain the exception to this rule indefinitely. Patients demand answers immediately. Healthcare reform necessitates efficiency. The days of paper letters and delayed dictation are nearing an end. HIPPOmsg allows providers to take advantage of technology and seamlessly weave it into their practice.

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