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    Homoepathic Medicine Cabinet Children

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    The homeopathic medicine cabinet or chest from EBS on the topic "childhood illnesses" can assist you at 6 areas with 34 sorts of diseases,
    which often happens if you have children:
    - abdominal pain
    - diarrhea
    - regurgitation
    - cough
    - ear pain
    - feverish colds
    with appropriate proposals for the treatment with homeopathic remedies.

    Two typical examples:
    - you need help at once, without long-winded reading of books or
    investigations in the internet
    - you are on vacation and you have packed some homeopathic medicine,
    but you have no chance to consult books or the internet

    With this app you have all the information you need here!
    - you can select the type of cough or abdominal pains, diarrhea or vomiting
    choose and see the main symptoms.
    - you will receive recommendations for improving the situation and see
    which worsens the situation.
    - in addition to the recommendation of a special medicine and its dosage
    alternatives are presented.
    - you may directly click on the suggestions and alternate options to see
    a picture of the plant and a short description for normal usage and
    informations about occurency and production
    - if you are online, you may get more informations on a fingerclick - without
    entering latin names

    We wish you much success in treating the symptoms of your children!

    PS: Besides the "medicine cabinet children" already exists the "medicine chest head" for head disaeases, the "medicine chest injuries" as a first aid for small accidents, the "medicine chest stress" and the "medicine chest cold" at windows phone and it will be ported to android in the next weeks.

    It is planned to extend the series to homeopathic medicine chests gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological disorders, etc.

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